TreoCallLogTool 1.0

Utility for managing and optimizing your call log

TreoCallLogTool is a program that allows you to manage your calls log with the objective of optimizing its size and in this way, speeding up the synchronizations you perform via HotSync.

TreoCallLogTool consists of four parts:

Archive records

Use this function if you:

  • Never or rarely purge the oldest call log records

  • Prefer faster HotSync operations

The main purpose of this function is to reduce the amount of time required to synchronize the call log database during every HotSync operation. The speed enhancement is best visible if you never purge the oldest call log records. With this function you can move the oldest records to a helper database instead of purging them. Later at any time you can move the archived records back to the original database.

Export records

Use this function if you:

  • Want to view your call log on a desktop computer

  • Want to free some space in RAM

This function copies your call log to a CSV file for viewing with a spreadsheet software. The records are exported to a memory card. Additionally, the copied records can be removed from RAM.

Update records

Use this function if you:

  • Added new names to Contacts

  • Like when your call log is consistent

  • Don't like outdated call log entries

Call log records are never modified after being created while a phone call finishes. Thus, when you add, modify or remove a contact in Contacts, the changes are not applied to the records in your call log. Similarly, "Unknown Callers" remain unknown forever.

Use the Fill in missing names function to fill in the names of callers that were added to Contacts after a call. Use the Update existing names function to make sure all names in your call log reflect the current names in Contacts. Use the Clear non-existing names function to remove names of the callers that you have removed from Contacts. This function also changes the uninformative "Unknown Caller" caption into a corresponding phone number.

Show statistics

Use this function to get some interesting statistical information on your calls.

See the All time graph or the aggregate data from all Months, Weeks or Days.



TreoCallLogTool 1.0